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Mike Jones -Blog owner and author

Although I have retired after a career as the finance director of a number of different companies operating in various sectors and countries, I retain a strong interest in all aspects of business and especially business management.

I believe that the skill and expertise of management teams, and the business strategies they adopt is often the key differentiator in company performance that sets apart the good from the bad (and even the downright ugly).

As a private investor, I am often more curious about the management of a company than its products or markets, but I feel this aspect of a business can be skipped-over by many when considering whether or not to invest. This may be due, in part, to the absence of information or a belief that all managers of public companies are, by default, highly competent individuals with the utmost integrity and who rank equally (at least) within their peer group. Alas, this is not always the case.

With this in mind, I have decided to embark on this blog to permit me to accumulate data and articulate my personal thoughts on the running of some of the UK’s smaller public companies as a way of comparing and contrasting their management skills, styles and strategies for my benefit, and perhaps the occasional benefit of others.

Any opinions I express are solely my personal views and I may hold shares in any companies I mention. Please respect my copyright in any articles I write or publish and please do not post copies of them on other web sites or bulletin boards without permission. Any extracts or quotations from them should mention me as the source.

I give no warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein and any information I provide was accurate and up-to-date as far as I was aware at the time of publishing it.

I am not quite sure what format this blog will take, but I am sure it will evolve over time; we shall see!